INFINITY JSA - O-Yoroi Pilot Bootleg Conversion

 INFINITY JSA - O-Yoroi Pilot Bootleg Conversion

O-Yoroi Pilot Bootleg Conversion

So this long gestating project finally came into fruition. It took a couple of weeks of painting to finish and was quite a task indeed to get done. Paining white is so slow to do, but all the added detail was very time consuming also.  The freehand took half a day and the battle damage another half.  The pilot herself took a couple of sessions also and was tricky to get done due to her legs being in the way of a lot of detail. Overall there were so many nooks and crannies to paint that were hard to get too.  One trick I used was to paint the tail as a sub-assembly, which I try to avoid as much as possible because gluing things back together always results in nicks and scratches here and there, which thankfully could be hidden with a bit of battle damage.

I chose colours to match my Konoe JSA army and am happy to have this miniature as a centerpiece, finally. I left the lights off since the TAG is in a powered down state. I also didn't paint much OSL in the cockpit, other than TV screens, since I don't think it reads well on the studio Bootleg versions. The kanji script on the leg spells "O-Yoroi" in case you were wondering. Finally I just love the expressiveness of the lovey and delicate pilot compared to the chunky mecha armour, very much an homage to Shirow - pure cheesecake anime!

INFINITY - O-Yoroi Pilot Bootleg Conversion
INFINITY - O-Yoroi Pilot Bootleg TAG Conversion
INFINITY - O-Yoroi Pilot Conversion
JSA - O-Yoroi Pilot Bootleg Conversion
JSA - O-Yoroi TAG Conversion
INFINITY JSA - O-Yoroi Pilot Bootleg
O-Yoroi Pilot Bootleg Conversion
O-Yoroi TAG Pilot Bootleg Conversion

INFINITY JSA - O-Yoroi Pilot Bootleg Conversion - Magnets

O-Yoroi Pilot Bootleg Conversion girl


Construction WIP here.


  1. ʕ◉ᴥ◉ʔ WOW awesome, congrat

  2. Man, how did you paint that skin? It looks fabulous, so soft. Conversion and paintjob in general are amazing as always!

    1. Thanks Bud. Skin is just done with very thin layers of watered down paint.


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